Used Cheese Making Equipment and Dairy Equipment

Used Cheese Making Equipment and Dairy Equipment

We have several used cheese making equipment available for sale.

Draining table

Lot 039- Stainless steel draining table with removable top and central draining hole. Size 1200x600x790mm.

Cheese Press

Lot 040 – Three gang cheese press (2110x240x900) which takes moulds 180mmx200mm diameter. Moulds to fit this press are available with followers in white dairythene.

Peg mill

Lot 041

We have a peg mill available which sits across the vat.

Stainless steel double sink

Lot 042- We have a stainless steel double sink with draining boards availble.

Size 2350x660x610 mm

Galvanised food shelving

Lot 043 – We have some galvansied food shelving (Transform) available.

We have 6 units – 1972x1200x500

We have 2 units – 1972x900x500

We have 1 unit – 1972x1200x400

All plastic shelving is in the colour blue.

For any further information please contact us either via email on or by calling the office on 01772786500.