Manual Milk filler

Manual Milk filler

Formerly the Top 5 Filler

Brytec have produced a manual filler formerly known as the Top 5 filler. Prefect for small businesses. This filler can be used to fill different sizes of plastic bottles.

The Manual Filler

We have modified the manual filler to now also fill 1 litre screw bottles in crates. This filler will fill 4 bottles and then move the crate forward for the next four to fill. They are simple reliable machines which fill quickly and control the fill high so there is no overflowing or over filling.

This manual filler has been designed for a particular crate size and it can be adapted to take other crate sizes, we would need an example of the crate that you are using to ensure accurate fit.

For more information about our manual milk filler please contact us on 01772786500 or email on