POLYTIJ printers

POLYTIJ printers


Brytec are now your local agents for Polytij UK Thermal Ink Printers. These printers are ideal replacements for ink jet machines., They are easy toi use /set up. They have a simple ink cartridge similar to an office printer. They do not use liquid ink or cleaners and do not require any expensive technology/ service back up. A wide range of ink colours are available and types is available for all applications  including directly on to glass. You will be able to date stamp, print logos and barcodes onto any products.

HP Thermal Ink Printers

Polytij provide a complete range of HP thermal inkjet printers including single and multiple print head variations as well as hand-held printers with scanners covering most industrial coding solutions. The Polytij printer range are designed for ease of use with intuitive menus for factory operators, low maintenance and flexibility while being highly cost effective.

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