Cheese Equipment

Cheese Equipment

Brytec manufacture and refurbish all types of cheese equipment including, cheese vats, cheese presses, cheese cutters, cheese piercers, cooling tables, sieves, cheese moulds, bowl choppers, cheese smokers.

Cheese vats – the standard cheese vat starts at 500 liters and goes to 2000 liters. These can be made to a variety of sizes and can come with a sieve to fit the size of the vat.

Cheese cutters are sold as a pair horizontal and vertical.

Rotary Agiater which is available with a stand for when not in use.

Cheese presses– there are a variety of different cheese presses. Horizonal and vertical. They can be singular press or mulitple presses. Cheese presses made to mold size.

cheese cutter table with a single wire

Draining tables can be made to required size.

Here are two different types of cheese piercers we have previously made

Cheese Waxer can be made with 2, 3 or 4 bines.

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