Milk Filling Valves Rubbers and Seals

Milk Filling Valves Rubbers and Seals

We have several tools to produce of our rubbers for UDEC and Graham Enock machines. We can supply capping heads and bellows.

Capping Heads

TM 1513capping head for UDEC machines

TM1512 capping head for Graham Enock machines

UDEC FV5 Size 36 – filling Valve

Milk Filling Valves.

Milk Fill Valve (TM1519) for our inline filler or Dawson Plastic Filler

TM 1526 UDEC / ADE filling valve rubbers

UDEC Nozzle washers/ Fill valve wash rubbers

Nitrile FDA 60 funnel with handle moulded in black for UDEC washers.

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