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Ann Forshaws

The Ann Forshaw Dairy based in Alston, Lancashire recently wanted a solution for filling the 5 litre tubs that they use.

We at Brytec love working with our customers to produce everyday solutions. See the pictures here.


Golden Cross Cheese - Cheese Equipment

Quote from Kevin Blunt, owner of Golden Cross Cheese:

"We finally got the cheese vat in last week and really pleased it’s working well"


See Picture Here


Preparing cheese equipment (Homogeniser and Separator) for a new Bottling Plant at

Frank Hitchins of Old Crib Farm Dairies,Halifax ....

update of the installation to follow shortly


See Pictures Here

Factory Equipment

Recently supplied food hygiene stainless steel footwear storage and equipment, to ensure food hygiene standards are met.

See Pictures Here

Cheese Equipment, Vats - Brytec

We were recently commissioned to make two  cheese vats for two small dairies  (Nortons Dairy and Gringa Dairy)


The vats are of the same design but with various small adjustments to them according to the individual cheesemakers process .


We like to talk to our customers ( old and new ) about how they make their cheese, what existing equipment they have and what they are trying to achieve, so we can give them good advice and meet their needs in an individual way that a mass-produced piece of kit would never do .


If you are reading this you probably know a bit about cheese making ,but if not please visit our friends blog at Ribblesdale Cheese to find out more.